Saturday, September 13, 2008

Makin' Mems!

Really, it's all about the memories! We rocked the p-fest tonight. The rain is not gonna get us down (or at least stuck inside!!!) We braved the light pitter patter of the rain drops and headed (by foot) to the festival to enjoy a few last rides in 08! Gus started on the roller coaster, and enjoyed the ride SOLO!!!! That's it....just Gus! Then Tucker and Paige enjoyed a nice relaxing ride on Pharoah's Furry...(after the carnival worker "fixed" it!!!)...YIKES! THen off to the fun house (or slippery house as the worker informed my kids...) well....then the pitter patter of the light rain all changed.....
We hopped from game to game trying to seek a little bit of shelter...(we even won a fish!!! That makes 2 this year!)
Well, really, there was just no escaping the floods, so why not....we have just a few tickets left (and who really wants to waste money....) So off to the tilt-a-whirl and the little cars for Gus!
And who can finish the p-fest experience without a little pumpkin ice-cream and pumpkin pie blizzards! And as a little bonus, free cotton candy for all three kids (I think they felt sorry for them)!
What a memory!!!!


banua said...

hahaha..i lke yours family fhoto..
its very nice

Anonymous said...

So hilarious. DIE HARDS for sure. I love it- way to go!

I'll bring you soup next week when you're all sick in bed.

Holli said...

was this suppose to be shocking? it wasn't! I think you would have gone through plagues just to get to the festival!!!
Love you guys!

Nicole said...

I love the blog. I think I might become a little obsessed.

Janell said...

Okay, you were really serious. I figured that out. :) Great pic and such fun mems!